Thursday, November 10, 2011

Business in New York City can stink, for real!

Expensive rents, high taxes, a struggling economy, crime, traffic, $10+ tolls, construction and even the mobs of #OWS can present problems for business owners trying to succeed in New York!

But what about the smells of the city? Can they present a unique problem as well?

Not if you sell coffee and the neighborhood smells like cinnamon buns or you have a restaurant in the Meatpacking District and the air smells like a steak with onions cooking on the grill.

But what if you own a shoe store, or even worse a coffee shop, and the street outside smells like a sewer?

That can be a real problem because unlike common business issues, now you need to get help from City Hall!

That's the rancid situation currently facing many members of the 34th Street Partnership in Manhattan who are dealing with...

The 10 smelliest puddles in Midtown Manhattan!

"...In addition to the putrid smells that sometimes emanate from the puddles and the threat of splashing from passing cars, business owners and property managers complain the worst offenders drive away potential customers, disrupt deliveries and pedestrian traffic and present a serious safety hazard when they freeze in winter..."

Puddle #1 — "East side of Eighth Avenue between West 31st and West 33rd streets:

The stretch in front of Farley Post office on the east side of Ninth Avenue has been a persistent problem, especially near the mid-block crosswalk, the partnership says.

Rob Report, 31, from Queens, who was dropping off a letter Tuesday, said the pooling sometimes gets so bad that it's difficult for pedestrians to pass.

"You've got to cross out into the street," he said."

For those who may be traveling to New York for the Christmas holiday's, the rest of the Top 10 can be found at DNAInfo.

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  1. I used to work as a bike messenger in New York and certain neighborhoods also have specific smells. Some were good (Little Italy), some were not.

  2. Central Park South, 90 degree August afternoon, walking by the hansom cabs! Not so good!

  3. Yeah, no kidding. Or the East Village. . .