Thursday, November 3, 2011

Being paid to campaign and vacation; Is this the EU or the White House? (Video)

Members of the European Parliament (MEP's) sign-in to get paid, run from the camera like rats from a sinking ship and then leave for vacation!

It could have been Washington but there is no attendance sheet at the White House!

Although this video is in German with English subtitles, it is all too clear that these MEP's do not want to be seen "stealing" the substantial amount of taxpayer money they are being paid by showing up, signing-in and then leaving.

Some look like bugs who scatter when a light is turned on.

Seeing the empty chamber that is supposed to be filled with politicians doing the peoples business, imagine instead that the German is English and what you see is the US Congress or the White House.

It appears that politicians are politicians no matter what language they are speaking.

The only difference is that for President Obama who enjoys his golf, vacations and non-stop campaigning, he doesn't have to sign-in to get paid.

And, he also seems to have little limit on the amount of our money that he can spend in all of these self-serving, self-indulgent and non-leadership pursuits.

H/T Mish

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  1. Yawn. Wake me when you do a piece on John Boehner, who has spent a good deal of his entire congressional career playing golf in foreign countries.

  2. As soon as he is more active on the recreation, campaigning, fund raising trail than el presidente I will!