Thursday, November 3, 2011

As a Jew it's not that I'm paranoid, it's just that everyone's out to get me! (ADL survey)

Update November 12, 2011: Vandals torch three vehicles in Midwood, Brooklyn, scrawl anti-Semitic graffiti

In 1973 during the
Arab oil embargo the cry was heard, "Burn Jews, Not Oil!"

This is but one example through history in which the Jews as a people have been singled out for various "reasons," suffering through persecution, relocation, discrimination and genocide.

Certainly the Jews are not the only group of people who have been subject to gross mistreatment, but it has been a long-standing and consistent "plague."

It reportedly started with King Nebuchadnezzer who forcefully relocated the Jews from Jerusalem to the city of Babylon.

Some other examples through the years include the Crusades around the year 1100, the Spanish Inquisition in the 1400's and the Holocaust in World War II.

So as much as times have changed, have they in actuality remained very much the same?

Anti-Defamation League
(ADL) survey

This ADL survey conducted in October 2011 spoke with over 1700 adults in order to gauge "anti-Semitic propensities and intolerance."

And, as if any of us needed reminding mere days before the anniversary of Kristallnacht, we are living through a time of great economic angst in America and around the world.

The results frighteningly show that 15% of all Americans fall into the "most anti-Semitic" range.

Once again the results seem to clearly show that the more that things change, the more that they unfortunately remain the same!

Full survey results here.

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  1. Maybe, just maybe,the American people are getting tired of providing billions of dollars in offensive and defensive technologies to support an illegally created country whose people have been at war with the other natural inhabitants of the same land since time began. All this with the effect of these other countries hating us also. You know the great foreign policy we have.
    No, I am not anti-Semite, pro-Arab, anti-anything or pro-anything, other than Pro-America and an observer of our wonderfully insightful forefathers of ours who were smart enough to state, like Jefferson: "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none".
    I am sure I am not alone when I say, if "We, the people" were allowed to actually vote where "our" and NOT the governments money, were to go, the vote would be to feed, employ and take care of our citizens, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and make our country a strong and proud county again, before giving a single forced penny to any other single individual on this entire planet.

  2. *chuckle* interesting how you folks are always anonymous, isn't it? Stormfront much?

    I'll tell you what,pal.Real Americans support Israel, because they're one of our most loyal and valuable allies on the planet. Not for nothing did former CIA head James Wollsey call our alliance to Israel one of the best foreign policy bargains the U.S. ever made.

    In fact some recent estimates on what it would cost the U.S. to replace what Israel does for us..monitor the region with humint we no longer have there, maintain a presence in the Levant and the Eastern Mediterranean that guards Europe's soft underbelly, helps secure the Suez Canal and gives America access to Israeli high tech and facilities like ports and airspace might cost us as much as an extra $20 billion a especially good deal considering that 50% of the aid Israel gets is spent right here and contributes to America's economy.

    Your other argument - if Israel magically disappeared, all the Muslim countries would suddenly be our go-ood buddies - is so off the mark it doesn't even merit a serious reply. If you really think al-Qaeda, Lashkar e-Taiba, Pakistan, Syria, Hezbollah and Iran are suddenly going to love the country they call the Great Satan, you're really kidding yourself.

    Ditto the stupidity about an 'illegally created country'.

    The survey itself involves two things, neither of which have anything much to do with Israel.

    (a) the fact that the ADL is a Jewish NAACP whose main concern is scaring people so they can fundraise and preserve their lifestyles and (b)an anti-Israel White House legitimizes people like you and brings them out of the woodwork.Like I said, most Americans understand that Israel is an important ally and vote accordingly.

    So sorry to disappoint you! Not.

    Rob Miller