Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anti-Semitism or edgy advertising: "Christmas quality, Hanukkah pricing?"

Update November 22, 5:00 PM: Wodka vodka apologizes for its billboard ad and takes them down.

Is this a case of Jews being overly sensitive or a legitimate gripe against an anti-Semitic billboard?

At first blush I thought the ADL was just lacking a sense of humor with its claims that this billboard from Wodka vodka in Manhattan was "crude and offensive" and that it "reinforces anti-Semitic stereotypes."

But then I noted the two pictures of dogs, one wearing a Santa Claus hat and the other a yarmulke.

Then I read about some of the other ads in this advertising campaign and came to the same realization as the ADL.

That an ad like this is attempting to leverage old Jewish stereotypes and is wrong!

Other ad tag-lines in the series include "Movie Star quality, Reality T.V. pricing" and "Escort quality, Hooker pricing."

Each seems to be saying that the former phrase is high quality and expensive while the latter is low quality and inexpensive.

What is your opinion: Edgy advertising or over-the-line?

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  1. I see anti-semitism on the rise, but no more so than the rise of fear and hatred for the black man, the Muslim, the Christian, the hispanic. It is intollerence, and this is not what the country was founded on. However, if 67 percent of inmates are black... there will be fear of them, 24 million hispanics are illegally here with a do nothing about it government... there will be hatred for them and fear too, if Jews dominate the bannking systems, the media, and promote war... and something goes wrong,they will be held responsible... because they are in control of these aspects... and that causes fear and mistrust. We have a lot to be thankful for in this country, but few realize it, with over fifty percent making demands from government for some form of sustanance... That is part of the reason we are in this fine mess,,, it is because nearly everyone wants to milk the system, and putting little back.

  2. Approval for a comment? So only comments you agree with will be posted? That is not freedom of speech, and I will not come back here...

  3. No. All comments get published unless they are for the purpose of promoting a website that has nothing to do with an article. That's called spam!

    What's your comment?