Saturday, October 22, 2011

Your weekly Iran nuclear weapons update: Because there is more to being President than campaign bus tours!

Obama - Biden - Caricature

The problem with Iran has certainly not gone away, although the lack of administration attention to it might make you think that it has!

President Obama and his administration are a little preoccupied at the present time (and basically since inauguration day 2009) with campaigning for the 2012 election.

This upcoming event appears to take precedence over all others!

They have a campaign to run, class warfare to wage, misinformation to spread, fear to monger and a base to pander to.

Did you know that the reason that violent crime is up is because the Republicans haven't passed the Obama jobs bill?

If you don't, ask Vice President Joe Biden who has traveled the country spreading the word that the lack of Republican passage of this 'jobs bill" is the root cause.

How a recently proposed jobs bill has anything to do with crime statistics gathered over the last year is beyond me, but then the Obama administration has a history of not letting the facts get in the way of strong campaign rhetoric.

This lie about crime, and not our national security, is the current mantra du jour of the White House.

Forget about the fact that many in the President's own party doesn't support the jobs legislation or that according to the Vice President is playing fast and loose with the facts.

Again, it's just another case of not allowing the truth to get in the way of running for reelection.

There is little precious time for this administration to worry about foreign policy or national security matters beyond taking credit for the killing of Gadaffi or the death of Osama bin Laden.

The dirty little secret that the President neglects to tell you is that we have absolutely no idea as to what the composition of the next Libyan government might look like.

Could very well be al-Qaeda, but until that happens making a speech to the country is great P.R. for a candidate running for office.

Some weekend reading on the Iranian problem!

This is your one-stop for reading from a variety of sources that will bring you up to speed on a critical national security issue for the United States.

Stopping Iran before it becomes a nuclear Iran, an event that hopefully hasn't already occurred!

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