Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wall Street occupation video: Rated R for nudity!

Can't afford a shirt? You most likely have never tried!

A life's lesson to all of the topless women and the other protestors who are wasting their time and energy in and around Wall Street in New York City, chanting slogans given to them for some cause that they probably can't articulate.

Drawn to a symbolic place by social media they are using their precious time and resources to protest for something that most have likely never really tried to achieve, namely finding gainful employment.

Not as a CEO or a senior executive but in an entry level job somewhere that will lead to something better if they do good work.

You want a shirt? Look for a store that says help wanted in the window, apply for the position, earn $1 and go to a Goodwill shop where you can then purchase some apparel.

They can't afford a shirt because they really aren't trying. Instead they are being drawn into a protest as pawns and useful idiots for some larger entities political agenda.

And a tip to the girl in the front wearing the blue bra. Maybe the reason you can't afford a shirt is because no legitimate business really wants to hire someone with multi-color hair.

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