Monday, October 10, 2011

Wall Street Occupation video: The Jews control Wall Street!

This is one demonstrator who speaks the absolute truth!

Remember the mainstream media outcry about Tea Party racism? Where is the same level of outcry over the anti-Semitism being spewed from some in the mob at these so-called "Wall Street Occupation" rallies?

With many more than one example showing where some of the anarchists, socialists and promoters of civil unrest participating in the "Wall Street Occupation"are coming from, why is there mostly only adulation and support from many in government (including President Obama) and from many outlets in the mainstream media?

The video below is yet another example of the make-up of some of these protesters whose agenda is much clearer than the majority of the group who simply hate capitalism and success and who loathe the idea of the hard work that it takes to achieve that success.

No, some in this stew of 1960's style radicals and protesters are just your plain run-of-the-mill anti-Semites.

The Jews control Wall Street

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  1. Where will all this lead to?
    Another "Crystal Night"?

  2. That's Kristallnacht and who the hell knows.

  3. if one group's obnoxious wealth and nepotistic greed deprive the majority of the right to earn an honest living, they should be held accountable. jew's are not blameless lambs.

  4. Spoken like a true anti-Semite although as is typical of cowards you do not use your name but hide behind Anonymous.

    I suppose your point is that any success should be counter-balanced by providing a portion of that success to those too lazy to try and work for it.

    See you in Zuccotti Park.

  5. Jews have been expelled from every country they invaded throughout recorded history. Jews are greedy predators. Bernie Madoff is an excellent example, and he didn't stop at gentiles. He even preyed on other Jews. That is the nature of the Jew. Jews should be expelled from the United States before they continue the devastation they have wreaked on the entire world. Send them back to Israel where they can fight their own wars against the Arabs. We won't sacrifice American boys any longer in the name of Zionism.

  6. With brave thoughts like those, why don't you sign your name instead of hiding behind Anonymous like the rest of the cowards.