Monday, October 10, 2011

Video: Obama should come out against the Wall Street Occupation before it really turns into the U.S. version of Egypt's "Arab Spring" he so loves!

Will the verbal support President Obama has provided for the Occupation of Wall Street movement have the same result as his support has had for the Arab Spring in Egypt, namely violence and death?

It comes as little surprise to anyone but the Obama administration and some leaders in the Democrat Party that the new government in Egypt is providing anything but an "Arab Spring" type of democratic rule to all of the people of Egypt.

With Muslim Brotherhood participation and the Egyptian military no longer acting to protect the Coptic Christians, what most thinking people feared would happen within Egypt when Hosni Mubarak was forced out is in effect happening.

Coptic Christians were attacked again by police in plainclothes and mowed down by military vehicles in and around the birthplace of the Egyptian uprising, Tahrir Square.

With the potential in the United States for the widespread civil unrest that the Wall Street Occupation could foster, perhaps the President should re-evaluate his position on the movement.

While this "Occupation" most likely makes Mr. Obama wax nostalgic for his Chicago community organizing days, he is now the leader of an entire country and should probably try to remember that fact!

Riots in Egypt with an Al Jazeera spin!

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