Sunday, October 30, 2011

(Video) The Obama Doctrine: Is $1.5 billion in U.S. aid to Egypt funding an Islamic fundamentalist ending to the "Arab Spring"

$1.5 billion in U.S. aid to Egypt will be going to who to buy what?

Or, is President Obama getting exactly what he wanted in Egypt (and Tunisia, Libya, etc.)?

Put another way, is Barack Obama The Manchurian President or simply just a really bad one along the lines of Jimmy Carter?

Forgetting about the actual motives of this President in the Middle East for a second, the result appears to be the same.

Observers of the ineptitude of the Obama administration have used words such as unprepared and inexperienced to describe Barack Obama in his role as the leader of the free world.

But, as has been suggested here in the past (i.e. the Manchurian President), is there much more to this President than can be ascribed by simply invoking The Peter Principle which states that "in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence."

In the case of President Obama, this incompetence in most every area of leadership is painfully clear.

But, however, is it truly incompetence or part of a much greater plan to foster unrest in region that would spread globally?

So is this the global vision for the Obama White House in conjunction with its domestic one that they are trying to support with #OWS?

Egypt, Sharia Law and an Islamic fundamentalist government

The status for the United States during the Hosni Mubarak reign in Egypt was clear, at least to the extent of knowing that we had a "friend" in power.

When the "Arab Spring" came and President Obama "insisted" that Mubarak step down, it was fairly obvious to all but the administration that this "cry for democracy" by the people was something much greater.

That there was a real chance that factions who were not friendly to the U.S. and Israel (i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood) would assume control of the country and that the region would become that much more dangerous for its people and for the world.

As expected, there is now speculation that when the elections in Egypt take place the Muslim Brotherhood has an 80% chance for victory.

Why was this fact so obvious to someone like me and so hard for the Obama administration to comprehend?

Or, as in Libya where the al-Qaeda flag is reportedly flying over the courthouse in Bengahzi, was this ascension to power by Islamic extremists in Egypt Obama's endgame all along.

To have the dominoes in government after government in the Middle East fall to Islamist governments based on the tenets of Sharia Law.

It would to some extent explain President Obama's focus on helping the opposition in those Arab countries that were somewhat friendly to the U.S. while ignoring the carnage in a country like Syria that is already our enemy.

Where we go from here in that region is anyones guess!

What we do know is that come hell or high water, all of this President's time is going to be spent on the campaign trail!


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