Thursday, October 6, 2011

Top 10 list: The top 8 bogus reasons to avoid living in New York (and 2 I can agree with)!

Despite the anarchists, socialists and the simple, useful idiots who currently occupy Wall Street, New York is really not such a bad place to live!

Note: President Obama has come out in sympathy of the cause, whatever that might be, and the mainstream media has used kid gloves in its coverage versus its coverage of any Tea Party demonstrations.

While it is true that when I was recently in Colorado I wondered out loud why anyone would want to live in New York when you could live within constant eyesight of the Rocky Mountains, the reality is that being a New Yorker is not really so bad.

To prove my point I was going to put New York up against some other states, such as those where first cousin marriage is legal, but surprisingly it turns out this practice is actually legal in New York as well as in 18 other states.

Go figure. In any event, here is the Top 10 List of why one man thinks New York is not a place that anyone should want to live.

Top 10 Reasons not to live in New York (source): 8 mostly wrong with 2 pretty much right!

This list that I happened to come across could only have been written by someone who has either never been to New York or who has spent only a few days here, possibly during a blackout.

On top of that it seems to have been compiled by someone afraid of their own shadow who likely spends the majority of their free time cowering in a closet.

The Top 8 incorrect reasons to avoid living in New York!
  1. New York is a one city state. Absolutely incorrect. Albany, Buffalo, etc.
  2. You might get whacked. Maybe, but you might get whacked anywhere. New York City ranked 269th in a list of cities with the most violent crime, and below the national rate.
  3. If not the crime then the street gangs will get you. Spoken like someone who has never spent any time here. (See #4)
  4. You might become a victim of the soaring crime rate. Beginning to see a theme? No matter where you live a great deal of crime can be attributed to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time or being in a place you just shouldn't be. New York is no different!
  5. The Police. So the creator of this list is as afraid of the NYPD as he is of the violent crime. Sounds a little paranoid or simply not that bright. See #4 yet again but the reality is that the belligerent, provocative and criminal actions that have led to the police using any type of force is often ignored by the mainstream media.
  6. There are too many people living there already. Enacting limits in New York for the allowable number of children a family can have? There can be 10 people living in a two-room house? A comparison to the overcrowding in China? I lived in New York City for more than 10 years (and have been to China) and do not know what any of this means!
  7. Tourists. The author says that the NYPD are more likely to bash in the head of a fellow New Yorker than the head of a tourist. Using his #5 as a guide, he would actually have to agree that they would be equal opportunity head bashers if in fact they were unwarranted head bashers at all!
  8. You can't understand the New York accent. Dis guy, he don't know from nuttin'!

The Top 2 possibly correct reasons to avoid living in New York!
  1. The cost of living is prohibitively high! No arguments with the author on this one at all!
  2. The Yankees fans! I'm a New York Mets fan so maybe its just jealousy. On the positive side I haven't heard about any seriously violent crime in the stands or in the parking lot like we've seen at some other ballparks around the country recently.
Bottom line is that no city is perfect, and maybe the creator of this list should do a little more boots on the ground research first.

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