Saturday, October 29, 2011

This Pakistani professor might be a great addition to the #OWS movement!

Judging from some of the signs. chants and videos that have come from the #OWS demonstrations, Pakistani Vice Chancellor Mujahid Kamran might be a great addition to the movement!

"... Terms and phrases such as Zionists, cultural elites, bank and Wall Street CEO's who control the global financial markets, those people who control and influence the media and government... all code words for the Jews!

We are in a global economic environment in which some people are looking for a scapegoat to blame for their lot in life..."

Then consider these words from an article by the good Professor:

"This year's 9/11 marked the 10th anniversary of the mysterious event, which resulted in the death of approximately 3,000 innocent civilians. This event led to a pre-planned U.S. military eruption on a global scale.

It has been established by researchers that whenever the global elite, comprising of a clique of international bankers, wishes to take the state into a major war, Washington is compelled to carry out or provoke actions that enrage the American public. Riding on the wave of anger, the U.S. enters the war…

The U.S. money supply is controlled through the greatest con job in human history – the Federal Reserve System…

The attack on Afghanistan and Iraq, regime changes in Central Asia, civil war in Sudan, attack on Libya, and so on are part of a strategy to control global energy resources with the object of establishing a 'One World Government' controlled by a set of the wealthiest families on the planet.

... These families own all major banks, all major oil companies, and are among the top 10 percent of shareholders in each one of the top Fortune 500 corporations, including all major media…" (Source)

Good addition to #OWS or not?

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