Thursday, October 27, 2011

A chart of banking industry compensation; Is this what Occupy Wall Street is complaining about?

The average base salary at the large banks for various positions and job titles makes you wonder what some in the Occupy Wall Street movement are talking about!

In any company there will always be executives or major contributors to the bottom-line (salesmen and traders for instance) whose yearly compensation most can only dream of.

Of course in return for that compensation they work their asses off and live under the constant pressure of produce or be gone.

The rest of a bank or Wall Street company's employees are the "worker bees" who work just as hard as those above them in the corporate food chain, but whose compensation is no greater than that in many other industries.

Bonuses can account for a high percentage of total compensation at the investment banks like Goldman Sachs, but this piece may be non-existent for many employees at the traditional banks like Citi and B of A.

So, is this what Occupy Wall Street is fighting for?

Or do most of the protestors have no idea of what it is they are fighting for?

Click on the chart to make bigger.

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  1. You're an idiot.

    Goldman Sachs' average compensation is $292,836. Bank of America paid an average of $400,000 in bonuses. Citigroup paid an average of $361,651.

    Quit trying to church it up, asshole.

  2. Idiot? Asshole? More warmth from the Left. If you notice the numbers in the chart are not mine, but I was wondering where you got yours?

  3. Base salaries have nothing to do with the protests. The average CEO gets 530 times what a regular employee earns, along with giant bonuses and perks. And they get that whether or not the company actually earns any money.