Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs (RIP) versus the Wall Street occupiers!

Steve Jobs: An entrepreneurs entrepreneur may he rest in peace!

How ironic that Steve Jobs passed on in the midst of the Wall Street occupation. Steve Jobs exemplified the American Dream starting out in a garage, trying, failing , trying and failing, even getting fired in the process.

Finally he succeeded and in an unimaginable way became one of the most prominent innovators and product marketers in Silicon Valley, and possible all of American history.

Although I never met the man I have watched him through the years battle the business world and then illness, with the operative word of course being battle.

What he accomplished in business represents the consummate example of the American Dream where hard work, perseverance and vision can lead to success.

All will never reach the heights attained by Steve Jobs, but within us all lives some level of personal success that is within our grasps if we only try and reach it.

Compare and contrast Steve Jobs to the Wall Street occupiers!

Those participating in the occupation of Wall Street on the other hand represent the polar opposite of what it takes to achieve this so-called American Dream.

Followers, blamers and malcontents, many in this group are looking for some easy solution to the difficult job of life.

They seek to pin the blame for their status on some fictional one percent of the population who have worked their asses off to achieve what they have achieved.

To be fair there are certainly some in the mix of these so-called millionaires and billionaires who attained their status through other means. And there is no doubt that there exists some old boys network that greases the wheels of commerce more for some than for others.

But, to attempt to scapegoat someone else's success as the reason for your own failure is frighteningly reminiscent of a very dark time in human history when millions were exterminated because they were pointed to as the cause for others suffering.

To the protestors a crowd mentality is a safe and secure one. Their goal however should be to look in the mirror and blame or applaud themselves for personal successes and failures instead of constantly looking for some outside source.

Are time tough? Indeed they are! But that just means you have to work that much harder to succeed!

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