Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A sickening look at Solyndra by the numbers!

Update November 3, 2011: House Panel Votes to Subpoena White House for Solyndra Records
Take a look at Obama administration political campaign strategy that smells like Chicago-style politics, all the while masquerading as U.S. energy policy!

Put another way it is the Solyndra loan guarantee from the federal government, with numbers that paint a very ugly picture!

Solyndra by the Numbers!

$38 Billion

Amount Of Obama’s Green Energy Stimulus Program. (The Washington Post, 9/14/11)

$1 Billion

Amount Obama’s Department Of Energy Spent To Hire Staff And Consultants To Administer The Loan Guarantee Program. (The Washington Post, 9/26/11)

$535 Million

Taxpayer Funded Loan Guarantee Given To Solyndra. (The Oakland Tribune, 11/4/10)

$469 Million

Amount Solyndra Requested For A Second Loan. (The Daily Caller, 9/16/11)

$172.2 Million

Solyndra’s Net Loss In 2009. (Bloomberg, 9/22/11)

$168 Million

Amount Taxpayers Could Have Saved If Obama Administration Did Not Restructure Solyndra’s Loan. (The Washington Post, 9/14/11)

$75 Million

Amount Going To Two Investors, Including Obama Donor George Kaiser’s Foundation, Before Taxpayers Will Get Repaid. (Time’sSwampland,” 9/3/11)

$6 Million

Amount Solyndra Owes To Foreign Firms. (The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/23/11)

$5 Million

Payment Solyndra Failed To Pay In 2010, Technically Defaulting On Its Loan. (The Wall Street Journal, 9/28/11)

$2.4 Million

Amount Obama Bundler And DOE Program Supervisor Steve Spinner’s Wife’s Law Firm Earned From Solyndra. (ABC News, 10/7/11)

$1.9 Million

Amount Solyndra Spent On Lobbying The Federal Government. (The New York Times, 9/16/11)

$1.1 Million

Amount Obama’s DOE Paid For Advice On Solyndra Bankruptcy – Before Solyndra Declared Bankruptcy. (The Washington Times, 9/22/11)

$1 Million

Minimum Amount Steve Spinner Has Collected For Obama’s Campaigns. (, Accessed 9/9/11)


Amount Solyndra Spent On Lobbying In 2010. (San Francisco Chronicle 9/27/11)


Minimum Amount Solyndra CEO Exec Pocketed In Salary Before Solyndra Failed. (Daily Tech, 10/13/11)


Solyndra's Base Executive Pay In 2010. (Daily Tech, 10/13/11)


Square Feet Of Factory Space Solyndra Built That Was Filled With “Robots That Whistled Disney Tunes.” (Bloomberg, 9/28/11)


Amount George Kaiser Raised For Obama’s 2008 Campaign. (, Accessed 9/9/11)


Pages Of Documents Related To Solyndra Released By The Obama Administration. (Politico, 9/15/11)


Amount Solyndra Donated To The California Democratic Party. ( The Washington Times, 9/25/11)


Employees Laid Off When Solyndra Went Under. (Morgan Hill Times, 9/22/11)


“Permanent Jobs” Solyndra Was Supposed To Provide. (Press Release, 9/4/09)


Days Between Solyndra Being Denied A Loan Commitment By The Bush Administration & Obama’s DOE Offering The Loan Guarantee. (Press Release, 3/20/09; ABC News & iWatch News, 9/13/11)


Foreign Manufacturers Contracted By Solyndra. (The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/23/11)


Miles Between Obama’s Fundraiser And Solyndra’s Headquarters. (Los Angeles Times, 10/24/11)


Percent Share Of Solyndra Owned By Investment Firm Associated With Obama Donor George Kaiser. (iWatch And ABC News, 9/9/11)


Percent Tax Deduction Given To Solyndra Customers By The IRS. (KGO-TV, 9/27/11)


Years In Government Service Before Treasury Department Official Had Heard Of Taxpayer Money Being Subordinated. (Committee On Energy And Commerce, Hearing, 10/14/11)


Times Solyndra Executives Pled The 5th At A Congressional Hearing. (House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee On Oversight & Investigations, 9/23/11)


Meetings George Kaiser Had With White House Officials. (Bloomberg, 9/9/2011)


Days Between The Obama Administration Being Told That Solyndra “Is Not Ready For Prime Time” And Offering The Company A Loan Guarantee. (ABC News & iWatch News, 9/13/11; Press Release, 3/20/09)


Days OMB Had To Review Solyndra, When The Average Review Takes 28 Days. (Bloomberg, 9/14/11)


Production Cost Of Solyndra’s Product That They Sold For $3.24. (Bloomberg, 9/22/11)


Reports Warning The Obama Administration That The Energy Department Did Not Have “The Controls Needed To Manage” Solyndra. (The Associated Press, 9/15/11)


Years Before Solyndra’s Bankruptcy That OMB Predicted The Company’s Collapse. (iWatch News, 9/14/11)


Days Steve Spinner Waited To Discuss Solyndra After Being Told Not To Discuss Solyndra. ( The Washington Post, 10/8/11)


Records Of Solyndra’s Lobbying That Obama’s Department Of Energy Has Reported, Despite Solyndra Lobbyists Reporting Their Efforts. (The Hill, 9/24/11)


Number Of Obama Administration Officials Taking Responsibility.


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