Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sexual assault reported on a 14-year old at #OccupyDallas: What if this had occurred at a Tea Party event? (Video)

In yet another example of mainstream media bias and political hypocrisy, this morning was the first I heard of a reported sexual assault of a 14-year old girl at OWS Dallas!

Just imagine what the media, political and public outcry would be if this has happened at a Tea Party event. Instead, it seems it's being treated as mostly "no big deal!" (video may take a few seconds to load or go to the link below)

Try Googling "sexual assault at Occupy Dallas" and see how many sources there are. Not too many!

H/T Breitbart.tv

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  1. Not only this how about the ex-cons, drug dealing, kids getting drunk, rapes, etc...

  2. Agreed Harrison, but unlike the Tea Party where all of these actions were extremely rare, with OWS there is too much to fit into one article!