Monday, October 17, 2011

Some in the OWS movement, like the Nazis before them, say "Blame the Jews"

Update: Monday October 17 6:42 AM: "... The American Nazi and Communist Parties have endorsed the OWS crowd. Ironic considering in pre-WWII Germany these two “groups” were at each other’s throats and staged vicious battles in the street, spilling blood...." Source

The "kinder and gentler" left, this time in the form of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, lays the blame for the economic troubles in the country on a familiar doorstep, the Jews!

Does this sound at all familiar or ring a bell?

"... Hitler blamed everything he despised on the Jews. He knew that his ideas would never work without more support from the German population. So, he waited for an opportunity that would allow his movement to gain support from a population which needed a leader to turn to. The Great Depression provided just the type of crisis he was waiting for. He aimed his propaganda at the peoples emotions. He manipulated people by taking advantage of their primitive feelings. Hitler was aware of the German's dislike of the Jew, because he was raised under the influence of these feelings. He knew that he could gain peoples support by teaching that the Jews were the underlying reason behind many of their problems..." (Source)

Read between the lines of phrases that come out of the mouths of some in the Occupy Wall Street movement (some not all)! In certain instances no interpretation is really necessary!

Terms and phrases such as Zionists, cultural elites, bank and Wall Street CEO's who control the global financial markets, those people who control and influence the media and government... all code words for the Jews!

We are in a global economic environment in which some people are looking for a scapegoat to blame for their lot in life.

Watch and listen very carefully to the actions and words of the people leading what has turned into a global movement against capitalism.

As much as the actual liberal elites (for want of a better word) such as George Soros, the usual Hollywood suspects, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have come out backing OWS and what it is that anyone is able to actually understand about their cause, this movement needs to be watched very carefully.

It will not take much of a spark or catalyst to send these angry and potentially violent hoards over the edge into full-blown civil and social unrest.

Or is that what these liberal elites really wanted all along!

Remember this old and very true statement: If we don't learn from our history we are doomed to repeat it!

H/T Moonbattery pictures

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  1. Why is it that Jew hating and the Left always seem to go together? Was is the Left so racist?

  2. And why does most of the world not recognize this fact?

  3. And what's with the crappy sign design? Haven't these kids heard of Photoshop? Heck they have $5k Macs it's probably pre-loaded. I've seen better protest signs carried by Pakistani Pashtuns, and many of those guys can't even read.

  4. Why is it that most Jews are Liberals or Progressives?

    I think the reason the signs from the faux anti semites are as bad as the tea tard signs is that they were made by the tea tards.

    Michael you are such a transparent shill for the banks that it is laughable. You are even more biased and ridiculous than Faux News.

  5. Bernie Sanders Calls For Boycott Of Big Banks To Support Occupy Wall Street
    Zeke Miller|October 16, 2011|

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Jew, called for a boycott of major banks in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

    In a tweet, Sanders said "People might want to think about going to your local community bank and withdrawing funds from these large institutions. ows"

    Sanders has been one of the most outspoken proponents of the protests, taking to Twitter to criticize the financial industry and echo many of the complaints of the protesters

    Read more: http://articles.busi...s#ixzz1bYNJw2MN

    There are two points here. Point number one: Jews are 100% in support of OWS.

    Point two: Taking your money out of big banks and dealing with regional and community banks is the right thing to do.

    Mike you are a pathetic shill for the insane right.

  6. Don't forget that many of the Jews in Germany turned a blind eye as well to the dangers posed by Hitler.

  7. You know what FB, I ask myself why Jews tend to be liberal as well.

  8. Michael, there is a reason why you don't understand why Jews are progressives and liberals. Jews are smart and you aren't. You are either stupid or brainwashed.

    Michael, the Jews and other progressive thinkers in Germany saw what the Nazis were. They knew what Hitler was about. The fact that you made that statement tells me that you are quite clueless or intellectually dishonest and lazy.

  9. @ Fat Bastard:

    The right is pulling the same old dirty tricks. Jews are not buying it. This movement is nationwide.

    Most liberals and progressives know that the Jews don't control the money or the media. The money and the media is controlled by the power elite and Jews are not part of the power elite.

    The right has always been anti black and anti Jew. Look at the Red states. Republicans like David Duke are the real antisemites. My brother's wife is Jewish and members of her family attended the protests.

    The anti semitic signs did not show up until recently. They are stooges. I hope that the JDL shows up and punks some of these stooges.

    The charge that Occupy Wall Street is shot through with anti-Semitism is dishonest and deceptive. But it’s built around a kernel of truth. There are a few Jew-baiters at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, though they are marginal, particularly compared to the large numbers of Jewish activists taking part.

  10. But I am a Jew as well. How then, if the Jews recognized who and what the Nazis were, did so many stay?

  11. And how do you dane to speak for all of the Jews. Are these the same Jews who will obediently go to the polls in 2012 and vote for Obama who is no friend of the Jews or Israel?

    And the right has always been anti-black and anti-Jew? Now I know you must be ignorant. It is the Democrat Party which was the party of the KKK. Robert Byrd ring a bell?

    Henry Ford ring a bell? Good friend of the Nazis!

  12. Jews are smart Haltman and you are the exception that proves the rule. You are a liar like Joe Lieberman and Eric Cantor. There rest of the Jews in the congress and the senate are supporting the 99%.

    Robert Byrd changed his ways a long time ago just like George Wallace did. Perhaps you have not heard of Dixiecrats and blue dog Dems which are pretty much now a thing of the past.

    I pretty much doubt is you are a Jew. If you are a Jew you should be ashamed of yourself and if you are not a Jew you should be ashamed of yourself. There are 3 major denominations among Jews. Tell me what they are.

    Also, tell me what the Yiddish word putz means. If you don't know look in the mirror.

    Tell us what shmegegge means. If you don't know read one of your BS articles schmuck!

  13. Michael, you have just insulted the intelligence of the most intelligent people people on eath when you stupidly said, "Are these the same Jews who will obediently go to the polls in 2012 and vote for Obama who is no friend of the Jews or Israel?"

    Your implication that they Jews have a heard mentality seem to show that you are one of these Jews who would turn on his family. Your retarded statement is no different than saying that Blacks voted for Obama because he's Black. You are probably to ignorant to know that Obama got 95% of the black vote and Gore got 96%.

    You, being pathological probably voted for McCain/Palin. That pretty much says it all.

  14. First of all I don't want to be a stickler, but by spelling herd mentality as heard you are insulting my intelligence.

    Since you are obviously such an incredible intellect, what percentage of Jews habitually vote Democrat regardless of the issue or candidate?

    Then again, what percentage of Gores 96% was the black vote. What percentage of eligible black voters voted in the Gore election and what percentage of eligible black voters voted in the Obama election?

    Just to make sure we're on the same page, what does 2+2 equal.

    I think you talk out of your ass to tell you the truth.

  15. If the the best you can do Haltman is point out a typo it's quite pathetic. I think El outed you. You are not a Jew. I think I may forward this blog addy to the ADL. I'm not sure if they hunt neo Nazis. I guess we'll find out. :-)

    I think you flunked remedial reading Halman. El is right. Gore got a larger percentage of the Black vote than Obama.

    Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats and you don't know why. You indeed are pathetic.

    Here's another fact enema for you.

  16. You, like your friend are first and foremost the typical liberals whose only real defense is name calling, which is fine because it defines you.

    In any event, try and focus on my point.

    Number one this article defends the Jews from the attacks by some in the OWS crowd, so I don't really understand your ADL or neo-Nazi reference reference.

    Number two, my point was also that the NUMBER OF BLACKS that went to the polls for Obama, not the percentage that voted for him, was much greater than the black voter turnout for Gore.

    Try and focus man.

  17. By the way E and Bastard, here is some more reading for you:

    Occupy Wall Street and the Jews

  18. Not a liberal Haltman. I voted for Reagan, Ross Perot, Clinton the second term. Gore because Bush was a chicken hawk and Obama because of Palin.

    Leave to someone who is losing the argument to toss out the L-word. Pathetic.

    There are Conservatives like myself and Ron Paul and then there are the Neo CONS like lying Perry, flip flop Romney, crazy Cain and Bachamann.

    You may want to explain why Reagan cut and ran in Beruit, granted amnesty to illegal immigrants, raised taxes 11 times and increased debt had 12% unemployment and increased the size of government.

    Do a little research and tell us what the top tax rate was under Reagan and what it is now. cannot possibly be a Jew. Jews are smart.