Sunday, October 9, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes: Letter from a thirteen year-old sets the Wall Street occupiers straight!

Perhaps these 60's style radicals that the mainstream media seems to love to love should read the letters below from some of America's other young people!

Truly none of us really knows exactly who and what groups comprise these malcontents who seem to want to bring down capitalism and replace it with some other system (or maybe just plain socialism) that they view as somehow being far better than good old-fashion hard work and free enterprise.

They seem to abhor the type of system that rewards those who take risks, who innovate, who have drive and ambition and who want to succeed on their own.

One can only surmise that there are some sincere people in the mix who are frustrated and unhappy (as are we all) over the state of the US economy and their prospects for the future.

One can also surmise that there are others inside the mix along with their puppet masters on the outside who are stirring the mix with a much more specific and focused agenda.

We have the labor unions wanting the Obama jobs bill passed to fill their coffers with more money while the $400 billion the President wants will likely do little to improve the overall US economy.

We know this because we saw that very outcome when the original $1 trillion stimulus package was passed.

It has been an absolute failure as evidenced by an unemployment rate that is stubbornly hanging above 9%.

Then we have those protesters who just don't like the system of capitalism and free markets, who want cradle to grave support from the government. Let's call them socialists and communists.

The crowd also includes some plain old run of the mill anarchists who want to foster civil unrest, and the political partisans who want to use these protests to reinforce some Democrat agenda leading into the 2012 elections.

And if all of that isn't enough, we have the mainstream media and some Democrat leaders (including President Obama and Nancy Pelosi) who are in love with these protests and protestors although these same people were dead set against any demonstrations by the Tea Party.

The difference that must be noted, however, between Tea Party protests and the current Wall Street occupiers is the violence, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, civil disobedience overall filth and extremely high count of arrests with these so-called "Wall Street occupiers" that NEVER accompanied Tea Party rallies.

Go figure!

Must read letters from some of the rational 99%!

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