Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street video: Zionist Jews should be thrown out of the country!

At Occupy Wall Street (OWS) L.A. anti-Semitism rears its ugly head!

The OWS movement in many cases is simply a bad imitation of a Seinfeld episode that talks about nothing (beyond the political and social agenda of leaders like George Soros).

The difference is that OWS isn't funny and it's "message" of anarchy and societal unrest and upheaval is quickly spreading around the world.

Greed, capitalism, the Fed, corporations, student loans, millionaires and billionaires and 1% versus 99% are the typical talking points used by many in the OWS crowd who seem lost and just glad that they have someplace to hang out for the day.

But close to the surface, oozing out every now and then for the world to see, are the anti-Semitic feelings of some in the crowd who are ready, willing and able to verbalize them to the camera.

Tea Party versus OWS

The mainstream media and progressives couldn't lecture enough about the racism supposedly running rampant through the Tea Party movement.

This despite the fact that there were few documented cases of it at any of the Tea Party rally's.

These rally's were basically peaceful and non-intrusive on everyday life in whatever city they were taking place in.

Yet, there is relative silence about the blatant and overt anti-Semitism being spouted by some of those in the OWS crowd.

The violence, disruptions of day-to-day life, the filth, the civil disobedience and the anti-Semitism goes mostly unreported in any mainstream news outlet, with the onus on sources like The Political Commentator to get it out in the open.

Compare this to the Tea Party where one rogue protester uttering stupidity was enough for the media and Democrat party to paint an entire movement as racist.

The OWS "movement" is not being held to the same standard, or any standard, by the press or by the Left.

Why is that the case? You tell me!

Anti-Semitism on full display at OWS L.A.!

H/T Theo Spark

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  1. Liar! Every major Jewish organization supports OWS.

    Among the hodgepodge of signs that have sprouted in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, one man in jeans and a baseball cap has been carrying placards that shout their suggestions: “Google: Jewish Billionaires” and “Google: Zionists control Wall St.”

    At the same time, among the sea of tarps under which protesters have been sleeping, a sukkah, a makeshift hut, was erected to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

    But the protests have also, on occasion, had a distinctly Jewish flavor: The encampment has coincided with the busy Jewish holiday season and has witnessed, in its midst or on its edges, a crowded Kol Nidre service on Yom Kippur, festive dancing with a scroll on Simchat Torah on Thursday night, and the sukkah.

  2. Do you ever worry that somebody might hunt you down and kill you for the lies you are spreading? The banksters are in deep shit and so are the people who lie for them like Bill Krystol and Rush Limpballs. There are more of us than their are of you. Keep that in mind before you tell your next lie.

  3. Try opening your eyes to the bigger picture and the bigger problem here Fat Bastard.

    Try and learn from history before the world is once again doomed to repeat it!

  4. Why don't you tell us all your real name!

  5. Mike, you seem to want ti ignore the facts and reality. Senator Bernie Sander, a Jew and Congressman Steve Israel, a JEW strongly support OWS. I would like you to show even one example of a Jewish organization that is against OWS. You forget one very important thing this on average Jews are the smartest group in the US and the most law abiding so to my way of thinking they are more intelligent and more honorable than the average person.

    Here is another much needed fact enema for you. When Glass Steagal was repealed 9 senators voted against it. Five of them were Jews. You don't seem like the sharpest cheddar so you may want to do a little research into Glass Steagal and why repealing it helped put us in the financial mess we are in.

    You also throw the word Zionist around. You may want to find out a bit about Zionism and then you may want to find out a little something about Jews in general. For instance, do you even know how many Jews there are worldwide? There are 13 million. How many live in the US? About 6 million. Where do most of them live in the US? NYC about 4 million.

    You portraying progressive and liberals as anti semites is absurd and beyond dishonest. Most Jews are liberal or progressive. Look at the congress or senate if you don't believe me. There are exceptions Eric Cantor and Joe Lieberman are a couple of idiots.

    Every Jew I know supports OWS and I know a lot of them. Perhaps you need a visit from the erudite Jewish scholar Dr Gerald "Teddy" Baer who might be able to talk some sense into you.

  6. Have you wondered why the Nazi Party has signed on to the OWS movement? I am a Jew and I don't support this movement.

    It seems, according to your logic, as if anyone who doesn't support this movement and the liberal ideology is an "idiot."

    Not very tolerant are we?