Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Foolproof flowchart for whether you belong there or not!

The Occupy Wall Street lunacy drones on around the country while the scent, the arrests and piles of garbage continues to grow! And now the hunt is on to find the "rich" people of New York City where they sleep (Map below)!

But should you be one of the attendees protesting free enterprise and capitalism while calling for government handouts from cradle to grave?

Should you join the ranks of the rich and hypocritical liberal-left who are supporting this cause and calling for a redistribution of wealth while enjoying wealth's rewards at the same time?

Names such as George Soros, Russell Simmons, Kanye West, Roseanne Barr, Harry Belefonte, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore.

All in support of a cause that in reality makes little sense and where theses 1%ers are actually part of some ficticious "problem" they so vocally protest?

Follow the flowchart below to determine if you should or should not be part of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd!

(click to enlarge)

If you find that you do belong, unfortunately provided a map to the homes of rich of New Yorkers so that people like you could have someplace else to go (Note: Because all the protest has done so far is destroy the livelihoods of your 99%ers in lower Manhattan)!

(click to enlarge)

Flow chart source
Map source

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  1. They are not calling for a redistribution of wealth, but are protesting heavy corporate influence in politics. You should educate yourself before you make these ignorant comments.

    Google Chris Hodges' interview with the CBC for just one lesson.

    And your flowchart is the worst I've ever seen. Even as a feeble attempt at satire.

  2. Perhaps you should educate yourself. These people are not protesting business involvement in politics. They are protesting against capitalism, free markets and the fact that anyone makes more money than anyone else.

    You know, good old fashioned socialists and anarchists! But thanks for the lesson.

  3. Michael, anarchism is in no way fascism, and anarchists do not believe in a government. So you CANNOT put anarchists and socialists/communists/fascists in the same sentence. Your posting is as uneducated as the first commenter.

  4. Perhaps I should have used the and/or rather than simply and, but your point is well taken although I believe you knew my intent.

    My writing was honed in a state university system so you have to forgive my lack of literacy.

  5. Dude your editorial cracks me up... You should go down to your local #occupy"city name here" and listen to what people have to say. And ask some questions. I can tell you some people want to completely bring down wall street. Of course that isn't logical. We need to put restrictions and policies back into place so corporations can't take advantage of people. We should have faith that our government looks out for the well being of her citizens, and when the government fails in it's duty. It is up to the citizenry to correct the direction. By voting, protesting, etc. You obviously have no clue what the hell these people are complaining about nor do you try to understand their cause. Ignorance is bliss isn't buddy. Peace.

  6. I think it's appropriate that 1 percenters are among the protesters of the 1 percenters. After all, Barney Frank and other members of Congress who are most directly responsible for the financial crisis have been interrogating bankers for the crisis demanding answers as to the cause as if they themselves don't know. As long as we're going to have a nude emporer and a circus of absurdity, why not?

  7. Or as the song goes, "Send in the clowns!"