Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Obama by the numbers because numbers don't lie! (Video)

While President Obama has provided a great deal of rhetoric about what it was he was going to do for the country once in office, this video presents his actual results to date!

Needless to say those results have not been pretty and need to be remembered by all voters on election day 2012!

Democrat and independent party voters are increasingly becoming more and more disenchanted with the Obama administration.

Yet despite this fact they will often say that changing their vote will depend on who the Republicans run as their candidate.


Can the country survive four more years of Obama "Hope and Change?"

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  1. Let's hold him to that one term thing.

  2. You gotta get the bullies from the schoolyard before anything of substance can be accomplished. You also have to stay alive and avoid the fate of JFK, Harrison and Lincoln who similar were focused on the removal of the Federal Reserve.

    I am ashamed of Americans who utilize impatient, empirical only logic to measure a situation.

    Have you taken the time to notice that the NAU did not occur, that CODEX ALIMENTARIOUS was not deployed, that the CANAMEX highway is struggling, that 5,000 illegal bankers were indicted by INTERPOL, under President Obama's direction in early 2010. This list is as long as my leg. Even the dreaded Obamacare has initiated phase one of the possibility of affordable 'alternative' healthcare, the same healthcare that cured cancer in the 1930's and as been suppressed by the criminal FDA ever since. I have had medical doctors tell me this is gonna happen because it's gonna be more profitable to insure health than illness.

    President Obama is not the sort of man to pursue recognition as well it's painfully obvious that he cannot declare his M.O., for the comfort of insecure Americans, while these deeds are being done. He MUST comply on occasion in order to appear inline with the nwo/zionazi agendas. I continue to be amazed how many smart people prefer to stay in the safe shell of the 'way things were' rather than looking at what really going on squarely in the face.


    I was impressed with your blog's contents until I saw this nonsense...