Sunday, October 23, 2011

A not-so-veiled death threat received here from an OWS supporter! Do members of the Tea Party send comments like this one?

For all of the politicians, President Obama among them, who like to compare the Tea Party to the OWS "movement!"

I don't recall these types of comments being made by Tea Party members to people who disagree with them, but I could be wrong!

The following statement was made on The Political Commentator article "Occupy Wall Street video: Zionist Jews should be thrown out of the country!" Anonymously of course!

"Do you ever worry that somebody might hunt you down and kill you for the lies you are spreading? The banksters are in deep shit and so are the people who lie for them like Bill Krystol and Rush Limpballs. There are more of us than their are of you. Keep that in mind before you tell your next lie."

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