Monday, October 31, 2011

Is London-style Sharia Law coming to a neighborhood near you in America?

In London, more and more neighborhoods are hanging out signs that say "You are entering a Sharia controlled zone, Islamic rules enforced!"

This means no smoking, no drinking, no music, no gays and no many other things that don't fit on the sign.

It also seems to mean that the authorities are too intimidated to do anything about it.

This article from Melanie Phillips' in the Daily Mail should serve as a shot across the bow to communities across the United States.

"Another no-go area in Londonistan"

"Earlier this year in the east London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Newham, posters suddenly sprouted in the streets declaring: ‘You are entering a Sharia controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced.’ Underneath were images indicating that smoking, alcohol and music were banned. Also this year posters declaring Tower Hamlets a ‘gay-free zone’ were put up across the borough. Police and local councillors declared that they would take all such posters down.

Now, however, it seems that the threatening implications of self-declared ‘Muslim areas’ are spreading into the heart of our democracy.

Last Friday Mike Freer, MP for Finchley and Golders Green, was forced to abandon his constituency surgery at the North Finchley mosque and hide in a locked part of the building when a group of activists from the ‘Muslims against Crusades’ group forced their way in. The Daily Mail reported that Mr Freer, a gay man and a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, said he was called a ‘Jewish homosexual pig’..." (Full article here)

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  1. In this country? Putting up a sign with the word "Sharia" on it would be waving a red flag in front of the bull. The place would be overrun within days.