Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is that the al-Qaeda flag flying in Libya?

If true, will President Obama make a televised speech to announce it's now flying over the courthouse in Bengahzi, Libya?

A speech to acknowledge what all but his yes-men were telling him which was that nobody had any idea as to who these Libyan rebels actually were.

Were they criminals, al-Qaeda, other insurgents or simply Libyan citizens looking for a better way?

When it was wondered, would they reveal their true identity and intentions?

Well the wait is over as the interim leader has announced that Sharia Law would be the main source of legislation in a post-Gadaffi era and we see the al-Qaeda flag flying over the courthouse in Bengahzi.

For a guy who can't get enough of the camera, maybe President Obama should tell the country and the world how he got something so obvious, so wrong!

While he's at it, he should explain why it is that the "Arab Spring" seems to be a move towards a takeover of the Middle East by radical Islam.

But we know this won't happen as the M.O. of this White House is to wreak havoc and move on to the next campaign issue without mention of the damage it has done.


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