Thursday, October 13, 2011

Have you heard the one about Irans plot to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in Washington, D.C.?

Update October 13, 1:25 PM: Predictably when President Obama came out with his statement regarding the Iranian plot to commit an act of terror (war) on United States soil, it was weak and meaningless rhetoric.

Which is why Iran was comfortable initiating the plot in the first place!

Obama vowed to ask for the "toughest sanctions" against Iran!

He also said that this was part of a "pattern of dangerous and reckless" behavior from Iran.

All of Tehran must absolutely be shaking in their collective boots after hearing this!

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Unfortunately the punch line is that this is no joke! Iran was plotting to carry out a terror attack in our nations capital!

If President Obama focused his attention on foreign policy and threats to our national security rather than playing election year politics with some bogus jobs bill his administration knew had no chance of passing, we would all be much better off!

The fact is that the $1 trillion stimulus package it was such an emergency to pass has led to a consistent 9%+ unemployment rate. What therefore could we possibly expect from "just" another $400 billion?

Iranian plot to assassinate a Saudi Arabian diplomat in Washington, D.C.!

Under the Obama administration the stature of the United States has been so damaged that Iran would have no compunction in trying to carry out an assassination in our capital of a foreign diplomat.

One that would have killed and injured countless Americans as well.

This is an act that would have had a ripple effect and dire implications throughout the entire world!

Iran unfortunately understands that any penalty imposed by the Obama administration would be a token at best and completely non-threatening in any military way.

It may include additional sanctions or maybe some stern rhetoric from the President.

Maybe, if Mr. Obama was mad enough, it would be both!

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