Friday, October 28, 2011

For the Arab press, Omar Sharif kissing Barbara Streisand was very bad while slapping a woman in Doha is much more acceptable! (Video)

Omar Sharif slaps the face of a woman for not waiting her turn to take a picture with him. Apparently, she REALLY should have waited her turn!

The face slap in the video below, as reported by TMZ, occurred on the red carpet of a film festival in Doha, Qatar.

Sharif, a convert to the Muslim faith, caught heat in the Arab press 36 years ago for kissing Jewish actress Barbara Streisand in the movie "Funny Girl."

Apparently, it seems that for the Arab press slapping a woman for not observing the unwritten rules of waiting in a line is more acceptable than kissing a Jewish woman.

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Video courtesy of TMZ

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