Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do 7 billion earthlings represent an overpopulation problem? (Video explanation)

With the global population hitting 7,000,000,000, is the theory that lays out the argument for global overpopulation real and valid?

This video explains how through simple math the earth is actually not facing the problem of overpopulation and that in fact, given declining birth rates and an aging population we will visit this 7 billion number again on the way down.

What does the other side of the argument say about global population?

"... With the human population going from seven billion in 2011 to at least 9 billion by 2050, heavy demands are placed on water that are already extreme in many countries and will worsen through global warming. "Currently, 1.6 billion people live in areas of physical water scarcity and this could easily grow to two billion soon if we stay on the present course..." (source)

What this doesn't address is the fact that, according to OverPopulationisaMyth, in 75 years the population of the earth will decline to the point where it will once again hit 7 billion.

Only this time the elevator will be going down.

H/T Christian Newswire

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  1. Hi. I thought about you're logic -for about a minute or so, and discovered a factor missing. It's the time factor. 15 years just for the last billion. How long for the first billion? The entire history of humanity. How long for the second billion? 2-300 yrs? (circa 1950?). How long for the third? The fourth? The fifth? Sixth? The time for each billion has been decreasing exponentially! But it will slow down eventually as resources and nature are being destroyed at an ever increasing rate. -Think about it!

  2. This article presents a laughable juvenile position. If you think for one moment that we can sustain even the current 7 billion people withe a ever growing consumption rate, then you are delusional. As more people have more cars and more toys and have more children who have a longer life span the worlds resources and wild areas dwindle down to a level that no one will have any kind of life worth living. One child per house for the foreseeable future. Have you had the operation yet? It is easier than you think.

  3. Thank you for the article. I've been googling for overpopulation pictures and found your post. I also found another great picture that is pointing out one more reason why population is growing - overfertility = having more offsprings than replacement rate - http://annystudio.com/show/0012/ - overpopulation pictire "Overpopulation due to overfertility". I've a t-shirt too, looks great!