Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The "Arab Spring" in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya are likely going to result in governments based on the tenets of Sharia Law!

Sometimes less is more, and these three headlines tell what might be the ending to a story that was supposed to usher in a move to a democratic form of government in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

Stories you may not hear on your evening news!

Unfortunately most everyone, save the White House and the rest of the cheerleaders on the Left, knew that a move towards democracy and freedom was likely never going to happen, and that the so-called "Arab Spring" was actually going to result in a move towards Sharia Law!

Interim Leader Says Sharia Law Will Guide Libya

"In a press conference, yesterday, Libya's transitional leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil said that Sharia law will become the "main source" of legislation in a post-Gadhafi era..."

Tunisia, Libya choose Islam

"... Following the ousting of their former leaders, who were deposed in violent revolutions that have swept the Middle East since early this year, Tunisia and Libya on Monday both appeared to be moving closer to embracing more stringent forms of Islam. An Islamist party claimed victory in Tunisia's first free elections on Sunday, and Libya's new leaders said they intended to make Sharia law the main source of legislation, giving the country a more Islamic character in the post-Gadhafi era..."

Christians Under Threat as Radical Islam Spreads in 'New Middle East'

"... The situation threatens to worsen as the Arab Spring removes dictators who, paradoxically, shielded Christian communities. The parties that are gaining power in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and other countries tend to be offshoots of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood...

... In Egypt, where Christians make up about 10 percent of the population, Coptic Christians have been subjected to a series of attacks. On New Year’s Day, 21 Coptics were killed leaving Saints Church in Alexandria, and dozens more killed in clashes that followed, all leading up to the Oct. 9 demonstration killed at least 24 Christians, many run over by military vehicles, and injured hundreds more..."

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