Friday, October 21, 2011

A 30-year NYPD veteran pays the price for political correctness and government fear of the OWS movement! (Video)

Violent OWS protests in Rome

Veteran NYPD police officer pays the price (two weeks salary) and still faces a possible Manhattan D.A. inquiry into a pepper spray incident at an OWS demonstration!

Another example of political correctness and the degree of fear being exhibited by New York City government by letting this movement continue to cross the line from peaceful demonstration to something much more insidious and dangerous!

There are three sides to every story, but suffice it to say that I watch, listen and read everyday about the actions and words of the OWS demonstrators as they spew venom and hatred, and commit acts that push and often surpass the limits of of the term lawful.

Forget about the cost to local businesses (part of the 99% they claim to represent) these demonstrators are destroying because people are either afraid to go to the area around Zuccotti Park or who simply can't get there.

Forget about the disruption to the lives of people who live around Zuccotti Park and want to move away.

Forget about the arrests, hatred and anti-Semitism many of the demonstrators put forth.

Forget about the fact that probably 90% of these people who say they represent some fictional 99% couldn't even tell you a coherent reason for why they are there in the first place.

Why is this NYPD police officer paying a price for doing his job?

The police are sworn to non-violently protect and serve the lawful citizenry be they right or wrong in the cause they support. Until such time as that lawfulness spills over into something that is unlawful.

How many of these "good and decent" OWS protestors have been arrested since the beginning of the movement in pursuit of their disparate causes that include socialism and anarchy to name just two?

How many of the leaders of this movement against government and capitalism, those who can actually be identified, are some of the same skillful revolutionary types from the 1960's who know exactly how to achieve their goals.

The goal in this case it is to provoke social unrest using the rope-a-dope tactics that force the police into action when the cameras are rolling and the protestors can feign innocence and over-reaction by the police.

This sentence about the officer in question is a perfect example of the desired endgame of the demonstrators methods:

"... Bologna may have done more for the protesters then any message they were trying to send — sparking a worldwide wave of public support for Occupy Wall Street and raising questions about NYPD tactics..." (Source)

It's a tactic that has always been used by groups such as these, and it is one of New York's Finest who is being forced to pay a price in our PC and scared-of-our-own-shadow society.

No one condones over-the-line tactics by the police, but they need to be allowed, and given the ability, to do their jobs.

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