Sunday, September 4, 2011

Will Hurricane Katia hit the east coast of the U.S.? (tracking map)

The east coast was pounded a little over a week ago by Hurricane Irene and now may face Hurricane Katia!

With power out for more than four days as a result of Hurricane Irene, we just replaced the food lost in our freezer and refrigerator.

The damage to the roof from a tree limb falling on it in the middle of the night has not been fixed yet.

Cities hit hard are still assessing the damage.

Now the tracking map below shows that the east coast may face the prospect of another hurricane making landfall.

Hurricane Katia from

"The forecast calls for continued strengthening to a major hurricane (category three or higher) as Hurricane Katia moves off to the northwest. It is still too early to determine if any land areas, including the U.S. East Coast, will be directly affected by this system."

"It would be a good idea for people on the East Coast just to keep watching this storm." (US National Hurricane Center)

Hurricane Katia forecast

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