Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What do Barack Obama and the Edsel have in common?

What does Barack Obama have in common with that epic fail, the Edsel?

The Edsel was designed, manufactured, marketed and sold by Ford in the 1950's.

Today the Edsel is widely considered to be the biggest auto industry flops of all time, if not the biggest product launch flop of all time in any industry!

In fact, the name Edsel is often used as the punch-line of jokes when someone is trying to describe just how bad something is.

Barack Obama versus the Edsel
  1. Mystery: Barack Obama, like the Edsel, was brought to the market veiled in mystery. Little was known or divulged to the voters about Obama's past while the Edsel was never even seen by the consumers until they arrived on dealer lots.

  2. Hype: Candidate Obama and the Edsel were hyped by their marketing teams to the point that, even if they had been adequate, they could not possibly live up to the expectations.

  3. Empty promises: The Edsel was marketed as an entirely new car concept when it fact it was just new chrome on an old Ford chassis.

    The Barack Obama "Hope and Change" promise for a new kind of Washington with new ideas turned out to be the second coming of the former holder of the prize of the Edsel of presidents, Jimmy Carter

  4. Economic malaise: Neither the Edsel or President Obama was the root cause of the malaise that the US economy was suffering through when they entered the scene. The Edsel however, with its rich price tag and gas guzzling ways was a victim of the recession while President Obama with his programs and policies has taken a recession and made it much worse.
Barack Obama, the Edsel of Presidents!

If you have any other similarities between the two, leave them in the comments below.

Picture H/T IMaksim

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