Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Video: What do you think the First Lady is saying about the American flag?

Michelle Obama and the President made their rounds on 9/11 to all of the memorial services, but what is the First Lady saying about the American flag at the remembrance in New York?

I can't read lips and am not really sure what Michelle Obama is saying, but one blogger seems to think that she is mouthing the words, "all that for a flag."

Whatever it was the President seems to wholeheartedly agree.

After watching this video loop, tell us what you think she was saying.

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  1. She definitely ended her comment with "for a flag", but couldn't see her mouth for the first part of her comment. And her body language was dis approving with the facial expression and the shaking of her head. So she had a negative reaction with something to do with the flag or the ceremony surrounding the flag.

  2. I suppose that she would have a negative reaction over anything positive to do with the United States.

    They should head back to Kenya.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I agree with Leftfoot...I could not tell for certain the entire comment but it did seem she said something about the flag...and her expression, shaking her head, denoted a negative action and or attitude on her part and the president agreed...if that's the case...they make me sick!

  4. Gotta be honest. There's not much about the two of them that doesn't make me sick.

  5. "all that for a stupid fucking flag" is what she is saying . you have to break it down to her level of intelligence.