Saturday, September 17, 2011

Video: The Solyndra government loan proposal looks a lot like a South Park episode!

The lost tape of the Solyndra proposal to receive government funds has been uncovered, and it looks suspiciously like a clip from a South Park episode!

What exactly did the proposal from Solyndra look like?

The one that convinced the Obama administration to give them the $500 million that the Bush administration had declined to provide?

To clarify further, while the prior administration said no due to the poor financials and future prospects, the Obama administration said "yes we can" to Solyndra and as predicted, the company went belly up.

Yet another example of Chicago politics being played and campaign donors being rewarded.

First the clip from an episode of South Park on how not to invest hard-earned money. This is followed by the lost Solyndra proposal that provides a lesson in how not to invest the taxpayers money!

South Park

Solyndra loan proposal

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