Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Solyndra update: Executives to plead the fifth before Congress?

That's right! When the executives of the green energy firm Solyndra testify before a congressional hearing Friday, they have apparently been advised by counsel to plead the fifth.

For the uninitiated who don't watch crime shows, pleading the fifth is another way of a witness saying nothing when being questioned under oath so that they do not provide evidence against themselves that could be used at a later date.

What do the executives of Solyndra have to hide?

Now let's get this straight. The Obama administration gives $500 million or so of the taxpayers money to Solyndra, a company that shortly after goes out of business?

Now the recipients of that money will refuse to talk for fear that their testimony might be used against them at a later date?

Very suspicious behavior, but could it possibly be that they are being pressured to protect someone or something else?

Maybe to keep the fact that campaign contributor quid pro quo was involved in the decision to give Solyndra the money?

Stay tuned because this one isn't going away!

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