Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday question of the day: Watch an Obama speech or ...?

Take one in the groin?

For the majority of Americans the answer to the following question is, well, painfully obvious!

Question: Which of the following activities would be your first preference: Watching an Obama speech or taking a shot to the groin?

The fact of the matter is that watching Barack Obama give a speech, unless of course you are playing along with the Barack's Bullshit Bingo game card, is a hard thing to do.

As an analogy it is along the lines of watching paint dry, while the paint is lying to you and at the same time the paint is reading the lie off of a teleprompter.

So on the heals of yet another Obama speech, this of the campaign variety masquerading as jobs creation ideas, which is it America, your ears or your groin?


  1. As painful as it would be, I'll always take the kick to the groin.

  2. I agree that is the less painful proposition!