Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pakistan, the United States and China through the eyes of Pakistani cartoonists!

TPC had looked at the Pakistan/China, Pakistan/US relationship and determined that Pakistan is not, and has not been a true friend to this country!

The point was made that an enemy by any other name, such as reluctant ally, is still an enemy.

This scenario was made crystal clear with Pakistan's harboring of Osama bin Laden and by that country giving China access to a US stealth helicopter left behind in the mission to take bin Laden out.

The developing and seemingly already close relationship between Communist China and Pakistan has emerged as a national security and foreign policy issue and cause for concern in the US.

Cartoons from Pakistan newspapers

Cartoon source

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  1. Pakistani cartoonist show rather limited imagination and poor artistic skills. The rest is rather obvious.

  2. Pakistan cartoonists show limited imagination and artistic skills; the rest is rather obvious.

  3. Obvious to you and I but not so obvious to others. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. When will our Government take action, or will we just look like fools?