Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obamanomics and preparing for The Great Depression Redux

An Obamanomics driven "Great Depression": A classic double entendre!

First, the great depression of the psyche!

Depression: a mental state of altered mood characterized by feelings of sadness, despair, and discouragement.

Given the continued sorry state of the US economy with high unemployment, a lack of jobs and an economic malaise that you could cut with a knife, it is little wonder that many Americans go through their days mired in a depressive funk.

They watch the daily dose of dysfunction called government in action with their futures hitched to a wagon that is missing at least one of its wheels.

They watch a President, so out of touch with the "common" folk on Main Street, traipse around the privileged grounds of Martha's Vineyard while they are living hand to mouth just trying to get by, pay the mortgage and feed the kids.

They watch the economic statistics come out week after week showing little or no improvement, and in spots actually getting worse. This while they struggle to find a job or worry that in any given week they may lose the job they have.

They watch the political gamesmanship being played with events like the President's speech to announce a plan to create jobs when they see firsthand the failed results of last years plan. A plan that was ironically also announced after the President return from that years lavish vacation on Martha's Vineyard.

Rather than looking to campaign, fundraise and jockey for political position, Barack Obama should look out at the serfs he is tasked with leading and actually try doing just that.

Lead in a way that is best for all Americans and not in a way that is best only for his political ambitions!

Tomorrow: Lessons learned from The Great Economic Depression

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  1. While your negative comments concerning the president and his policies are very clear, you should not hesitate to put the blame for the current state od affirs where it really belongs on Bush's doorstep. The Republican Congress is working overtime to make sure everything the president plans is not put into place so the economy and the people suffer. When a president is left an unholy mess as this president was by his incompentent predecessor, it could easily take two terms to even begin correcting. No sane person can put the blame for today's problems on this president, it belongs with the Republicans and will remain there until the Republicans decide to help rather than hinder the revovery, so don't hold your breath.

  2. It will come as little surprise that I wholeheartedly disagree with your thesis.

    The actual problems that led to the housing implosion and financial crisis began well before George W. took office and you can look to Barney Frank and his ilk and the Community Redevelopment Act for many of the causes.

    While George W. spent more than he should have, he "inherited" 9/11 and didn't spend the rest of his presidency blaming the national security and foreign policy failures of the Clinton administration for his lot as president.

    Perhaps Obama should "man up" and take the responsibility that comes with the territory of being president.

    He should also take responsibility for his socialist agenda and the fact that he singlehandedly exploded the national debt of the United States with absolutely nothing (i.e as in no new jobs created in August) to show for it.

    Quit drinking the Kool aid and you should be all right!