Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jonathan E versus Ben Bernanke double feature (movie trailers)

Imagine that nations are bankrupt and corporations control the world!

A world that exists with no borders as countries have lost their viability and have become obsolete through the process of a mass, self induced epidemic of economic failure.

No longer is war waged between nations and their sovereign borders because the world is controlled and run by the boards of directors of multi-national corporations.

The power and greed of these purely economic entities of international businesses have supplanted the much harder to distinguish power and greed mechanism of government.

This metamorphosis in the composition of leadership has occurred largely because governments possess an extremely limited level of competence within any arena where the endgame is economic success.

The majority of these past governmental players were simply out of their league when trying to play a game of economics that had real rules and real stakes due to the fact that their equipment and skills were honed on the theoretical playing fields of academia.

The down and dirty, fight it out in the trenches corporate gladiators of the private sector won out over their Ivory Tower and bureaucratic public sector brethren just about every time.

That was then, this is now: Rollerball versus Four Horsemen

It was 1975 when Rollerball painted the tale of a world controlled and manipulated by corporations through the use of a dirty, violent and deadly game played for keeps that served as a metaphor for society as a whole.

Compare the two trailers below, one for Rollerball and the other for Four Horsemen and tell us if you see any glaring or startling similarities.

Rollerball Trailer

Four Horsemen Trailer

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