Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is the Obama endgame in the Middle East an increase in Muslim extremism?

What is the real Obama endgame for the Middle East, Israel and Muslim extremism?

Back in early July The Political Commentator had these thoughts regarding Obama, the removal of the Mubarak government in Egypt and the fallacy behind the idea of an "Arab Spring" leading to an outbreak of U.S. style democracy.

"... It has always been curious to me that those governments somewhat friendly to Israel and the United States (i.e. Egypt) have been strongly encouraged by the Obama administration to step-down in order to let "democracy" take its course.

This, while those governments hostile to the U.S. and Israel have faced more of a hands off policy out of Washington (i.e. Syria), even as they slaughter their own people..." (TPC)

Instead of democracy, has Obama Middle East policy led to an outbreak of even greater Muslim extremism?

An excellent, must read article from American Thinker issues the statement that "Obama has aggravated Muslim extremism!"

This an excerpt with a link to the full article at the end.

"We have the first administration in American history that's both fabulously incompetent and anti-American to boot.

This weekend Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News that Obama is simply in over his head. But Rush Limbaugh thinks BHO is blowing up the economy on purpose.

Well, how about both? Maybe this is the Keystone Kops trying to commit national hara kiri?

Domestically, we're in the longest recession in the last sixty years. And if that's not enough, take our foreign policy. Please.

The howling fanatics who just stormed the Israeli Embassy in Cairo happen to be the same old Blind Sheikh gang that truck-bombed the Twin Towers in Manhattan in 1993. That was the first NYC attack by Radical Moos, remember? Eighteen years ago. Fortunately, that bomb didn't do structural damage to the buildings, but it led straight to 9/11/01.

Bill Clinton managed to ignore the Blind Sheikh for two whole terms until "those chickens came home to roost" on 9/11/01, to use Rev Wright lingo..." (Full article here)

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