Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Iran nuclear weapons program update (with 9/15/2001 update)!

Update September 15, 2011: Op-Ed from New York Newsday, "To curb terror, focus on Iran."

Because someone has to keep an eye on Iran's nuclear weapons program!

President Obama is a little to busy for such mundane topics as he is currently tied up with domestic issues such as his 2012 reelection campaign.

This campaign is highlighted by a jobs bill that does not yet exist and that will most likely not work.

This fact, however, will not stop the President from traveling the country displaying the unmitigated gall of telling Republicans not to put politics before country.

Therefore, in the absence of any leadership out of Washington, it is left up to humble bloggers such as myself to keep an eye on issues involving US foreign affairs, foreign policy and national security.

These include Syria, Libya, Egypt, the global war on terror and what could be the most important of all, Iran's nuclear weapons program.

As that country moves steadily forward towards obtaining (if they haven't done so already) nuclear weapons and the ability to deploy those weapons once they obtain them, the Obama administration steadfastly (a favorite Obama term) levels the beam of its laser on raising campaign money by spending the taxpayers money in the quest.

One can only hope that by the time Obama loses the 2012 presidential election, the new Republican president will not have been left a national security hand that is so weak as to be unplayable and beyond reclamation!

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