Monday, September 19, 2011

Fan Cost Index: Do NFL teams know we're in a deep recession?

On the other hand does the Fan Cost Index (FCI) matter as NFL Week 1 attendance was only 11,000 less than Week 1 last year!

That's right! After a lockout and the negative press that surrounded it, NFL attendance in Week 1 was 1.08 million compared to 1.09 million last year.

The New York Jets (J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS), the team with the highest Fan Cost Index in the NFL, drew more fans at home in Week 1 this year than last year.

With the US economy in danger of double-dipping and with a US unemployment rate no better now than at the same time last year, the love for America's game and the need for recreation and diversion wins out.

The Fan Cost Index or FCI

The FCI is the cost to take a family of four to an NFL football game using the average priced tickets for a stadium, the cost of parking, 2 small draft beers, 4 small hotdogs, 4 small sodas, 2 programs and 2 of the cheapest hats. (Source)

Costs for the game can obviously be cut by skipping the food, programs and hats, or eliminated completely by staying home and watching the game on T.V.

Highest, lowest and NFL average FCI

(A) Average Ticket Price (B) Premium Ticket Price (C)Beer (D)Parking (E) FCI

NY Jets (A) $120.85 (B) $291.90 (C) $8.75 (D) $25.00 (E) $628.90

NFL Avg. (A) $77.34 (B) $242.34 (C) $7.20 (D) $25.77 (E) $427.21

Jacksonville (A) $58.90 (B) $229.17 (C) $7.00 (D) $15.00 (E) $316.50

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