Friday, September 30, 2011

20,000 heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles go missing in Libya! (ABC News video)

A leadership vacuum and neglected weapons caches in Libya leads to open season on heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles!

A report says that upwards of 20,000 heat-seeking, surface-to-air missiles are missing from Libya. These missiles, in the wrong hands, could be used to bring down commercial jetliners landing or taking off from as far as two miles away.

The rebels who ousted Gaddafi are a diverse group with undoubtedly a good number of al-Qaeda sprinkled throughout their ranks. When these rebels say they don't know who has taken these missiles it is more than likely that some of their own are responsible.

These are the same rebels with truly unknown intentions who now say that they will do what they can to safeguard the weapons that have been left behind.

So ABC News tips us off to the problem and the White House response is that they will send more people to Libya to help secure the weapons storage sites.

Sounds like that horse is already out of that barn Mr. President!

Perhaps if the Obama administration spent as much time and energy securing our nation as they do campaigning around the country at the taxpayers expense this situation would have been addressed before it became a potential national security nightmare.

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1 comment :

  1. Perhaps if the US and NATO had stayed out of the Libya matter these missiles would still be in their warehouses and guarded.