Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Video: The memories of 9/11/2001; An interview with President George W. Bush

National Geographic interview (Part 1) with President George W. Bush on the events that transpired before, during and after war was officially declared on the United States, 9/11/2001!

The left enjoys nothing more than criticizing and poking fun at the muted reactions of President George W. Bush when the news of the attack was whispered into his ear in front of a roomful of children.

But just imagine for one second if his opponent, Al Gore, had won the presidential election and been in the White House when the United States was attacked!

Let's face the facts that if there was a problem with a solar panel somewhere in the world, give me Al Gore.

But, for a national security crisis involving the safety of America and Americans, I will take President George W. Bush, or any other Republican over a Democrat, every time!

There is a place for diplomacy, negotiations and punishments such as "punitive" sanctions, but there are times when a punch in the mouth is all that some enemies understand. This is something that the American left does not understand.

President George W. Bush speaks on the ten-year anniversary of the attacks on the United States: 9/11/2001

H/T Common Cents (see the other parts of the interview at this link)

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