Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Video: Is "The bankers as the enemy of humanity" a veiled anti-semitic rant?

Throughout recorded history Jews have at times been derisively called "The Bankers"?

This video rant against "The Bankers" contains threats of retribution against those people who the narrator says have brought the global economy to the point of a global recession/depression resulting in a world brought to its economic knees.

As a Jew it may simply be a persecution complex that leads me to even contemplate that the rant by this videos maker could in any way be anti-semitic in nature.

I have read many comments and have not seen the idea broached even once, but listen carefully and then tell me if I am paranoid or if I may be onto something (I was particularly struck starting at 4:15 in).

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  1. Interesting. I just found the tone naive and romantic. The masses won't know where to begin looking for the banksters, they'll be in private aircraft moving between fortified locations. London riots teach us that the masses will rise up and beat the living snot out of the guy standing next to them. Corporations are poised to take advantage of failed states, they no longer depend on any single state. At any rate, the dripping showmanship of the piece makes me doubt it's sincerity altogether. In short, no matter your race, creed, color or sex, I wouldn't be worried about people like this. I'm not worried about any group of dudes watching it in basements in Poughtucky as they polish their gunstocks. Just the time it took to make this ridiculous piece of pretension implies a non-actor.

  2. Agree, interesting. What I felt was the subject behind his narrative was not the Jew, but instead he is referring to The Bilderberg Group and it's sub organizations.

    It is Bilderberg who has the richest people in the world as their invited members. George Soros among them, who has made his money off the backs of those countries he leads into near bankruptcy all for his own sick financial gain and enjoyment. I see Soros as the most evil individual walking the earth. He is the master behind the Obama puppet among other vile, despicable actions on his part.

  3. There is no doubt that your take on Soros is 100% correct. Thanks for the comment.


  4. Wow, I don't know what is scarier, the banksters or the guy doing this audio! He seems like an anarchist who loves being someone's "victim," much like the leftists of today. He is certainly promoting violence. Creepy!

  5. I saw this on a financial site, thought immediately it had anti-Semitic implications, and if you would go to where the video originated, the site has picture labeled "Nakba", and is a link to a blog from Gaza, with all the usual anti-Israel-poor-Palestinians- garbage on it.

    Many commentators on the financial site thought it was immeasurably creepy and others certainly felt it was anti-Semitic, or had the potential to stir up anti-Semites, who would conflate the terms "banksters" with Jews.

    While I think there has been a lot of corruption at banks, in governments etc, a LOT of it, who are the mysterious "banksters"? Head of a small local bank somewhere, who is on the edge of failing because of stupid new Fed rules/regs? Geithner? The Fed Reserve people? The Gnomes of Zurich? Even Soros...I agree he is evil, but I don't think we can blame all the ills of the world on him.

  6. You are not wrong, Michael. Check out the Heretic Production, the gang that produced this opus. They also support Gordon Duff, a character you may want to get familiar with closer. Or, perhaps, not, come to think of it. Just check this out:


    Just a sampler on Mr. Duff.

  7. Thanks Snoopy. I am going to check it out now!