Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Video: Dueling emotions of political comedy and potential global tragedy!

Only looking at tragedy and the potential for fearful events to occur could be hazardous to your health!

Let's start off with a little comedy and move to the fear second!


Tragedy and fearful events

The fear comes from a blog called, at which a guest blogger lists 50 potential events that could push the United States into an abyss we might not be able to climb out of.

The list of 50 we want to avoid at all costs

1. U.S. government makes it illegal to own gold.

2. Unfounded rumor or a real event causes nationwide bank runs.

3. Total gridlock with Select 12 committee on future debt agreements.

4. Chinese demand immediate payments on most or all U.S. debt owed to them.

5. Banks halt credit to ANYONE not considered an excellent risk.

6. Housing and commercial real estate industry finally implodes on itself.

7. Intense deflation.

8. One of more of the troubled largest states declares total bankruptcy.

9. European Union falls apart.

10. U.S. credit rating falls another 2 notches with all 3 credit agencies.

11. Major nuclear accident or incident that is similar to Fukushima.

12. Large scale terrorist attack or continuous smaller attacks.

13. Sophisticated cyber attack shuts down many areas of the infrastructure.

14. United States is flooded all of a sudden with refugees.

15. EMP event, solar or an attack, affecting most of ground based electronics.

16. Solar storm knocks out most of world’s satellites.

17. An actual food shortage develops that leads to panic buying everywhere.

18. Severe regional war, such as Pakistan and India.

19. World war, nuclear or non-nuclear.

20. U.S. in war with heavily armed country such as North Korea.

21. Intense climatic problems; floods, droughts, severe temperature swings, etc.

22. Category 4 or 5 hurricane hits New York or Houston dead on.

23. Category 5 hurricane destroys huge U.S. oil port, Port Fourchon.

24. EF 5 mega wide tornado plows through large metropolitan area such as Dallas.

25. New Madrid fault breaks, 7.0 magnitude earthquake or larger.

26. San Andreas fault snaps with quake around 8.0 or higher in strength.

27. Cascadia fault zone ruptures, 9.0 or larger in size.

28. Widespread tall tsunami (20 feet +) hits one of the U.S coastlines.

29. Volcano erupts in the U.S. of at least a V.E.I. of 6 or higher.

30. Supervolcano goes off somewhere in the world.

31. Stock market collapses below lowest levels of 2009.

32. U.S. dollar becomes worthless, hyperinflation, gold triples in value.

33. Foreign oil disruption, peak oil in full swing, Israel, Iran war, whatever.

34. Unemployment officially goes above 15%, actual unemployment is at 30% +.

35. A rare Earth minerals embargo against the U.S., China could do this.

36. Arab civil wars spread, especially to Saudi Arabia.

37. Insurances become much too expensive for most people to afford.

38. Welfare, food programs, and other subsidized aids runs out of funding.

39. Non-treatable nationwide or worldwide agricultural blight breaks out.

40. New or some of the old free trade agreements horribly backfire on the U.S.

41. A true human pandemic outbreak begins.

42. Strange event triggers masses of people to up-rise against the government.

43. Civil War, one idealism against another, sections of the U.S. split apart.

44. “Special” I.D. cards now required for everyone in the U.S.

45. U.S. constitutional crisis develops.

46. Elections go completely wrong for one group, intense unrest and riots begin.

47. Leaders stage false flag event to stop or postpone the elections.

48. Long term power grid blackouts through simple faulty outdated equipment.

49. Extremely unpopular law(s) are passed that outrage large number of people.

50. Countries stop using U.S. dollar to purchase oil.


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