Monday, August 15, 2011

Screw Pakistan the way Pakistan screwed the U.S.

Pakistan: An enemy by any other name, such as reluctant ally, is still an enemy!

Nuclear-armed Pakistan has made it very clear that they are not our friends and that they are actually an enemy of the United States.

Not only was Osama bin Laden harbored in plain sight of Pakistani officials, but Pakistan has cozied up to our enemy turned financial benefactor Communist China.

Now, in an overt, provocative and extremely serious escalation of the divide between our two countries, Pakistan has apparently allowed China access to the stealth helicopter left behind in the mission that took out bin Laden.

Obama administration response to this extremely serious violation of our national security is that the situation "doesn't make us happy."

This is exactly the kind of expected, typically anemic and impotent reaction from the Obama administration that is unlikely to persuade any other country from doing something like this in the future.

Read the story about Pakistan, China and the U.S. stealth helicopter at

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  1. typical american self-centered bullshit

  2. Perhaps "typically self-centered" America should just pull all of its aid from Pakistan.