Thursday, August 4, 2011

President Obama turns 50 and this is the thanks we get?

President Obama turns 50

The smiley face above giving my readers a raspberry is not the picture in question.

While President Obama turns 50 today and celebrates at a lavish fundraiser, fear not as he has not forgotten us folks back home.

The very ones who he goes to bed worrying about and the ones that he wakes up thinking about.

The ones without jobs and savings who are losing homes. Whose children's futures are being mortgaged by the massive amounts of debt he has rung up pandering to his base in an economy that shows no sign of rebounding.

Fear not because the President didn't forget us. In fact while he is celebrating with rich contributers tonight, he wanted to leave us with a picture so that we could celebrate along with him.

President Obama turns 50 and wants you to celebrate right along with him!


World Indexes

DOW JONES INDUS. AVG11,383.70-512.76-4.31%16:30
S&P 500 INDEX1,200.07-60.27-4.78%16:32
NASDAQ COMPOSITE INDEX2,556.39-136.68-5.08%17:10
FTSE 100 INDEX5,393.14-191.37-3.43%11:35
DAX INDEX6,414.76-225.83-3.40%12:30
NIKKEI 2259,659.1822.040.23%08/04
Perhaps the picture at the top of the page really was the President's gift to the country!

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