Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Peaceful" Day of Rage on Wall Street planned for September 17!

Is a "Peaceful" Day of Rage an oxymoron and will the protesters be peaceniks or anarchists?

Could the recent UK style violent protest in the streets be coming to America?

What exactly is the purpose of the U.S. Day of Rage called for September 17 on Wall Street in New York and who is behind it? Very good questions!

Some partners of the movement include groups with less than peaceful sounding names such as European Revolution, Take the Square and Stop the Machine Create a New World.

Reasons why social unrest may occur

These are some of the reasons that social unrest and accompanying chaos could potentially occur, but are any of these the reasons why the group organizing this Wall Street event is doing it?

  • Eroding trust and faith in governments
  • Deteriorating trustworthiness in our leaders
  • Apparent lack of responsibility in nearly all levels of government
  • High unemployment
  • Insufficient economic opportunity and outlook for individuals and businesses
  • Increasing restrictions on our freedoms
  • Globalization destroying the local community
  • Greed is winning out over sensibility
  • Governments have become beholden to the international money manipulators
  • Corporate interests dwarf the interests of the individual
  • Too big to fail philosophy
  • Multinational corporation ‘self-interest’
  • Wide wage gap: corporate executives and workers (seemingly more than ‘normal’)
  • Cheap foreign labor taking over local jobs and manufacturing (more globalization)
  • The diminishing of borders
  • A ‘majority’ of the voting public with their heads in the sand
  • Devaluation of the purchasing power of currency
  • An increasing ‘dependent’ class (on the government)

Are innocent rubes being coerced by anarchists?

Is this "Peaceful" Day of Rage actually an attempt by anti-government groups (anarchists) to foster violence and rioting on the streets of the United States similar to that which took place in the UK within the past month or so.

If and when people with violent intentions are interspersed throughout a group that is predominantly peaceful, it would not take much to tip the scales to violence!

When a group such as this one continually emphasizes the non-violent aspect of the day, it seems as if there may actually be an ulterior, somehow violent motive.

Perhaps the simple plan is for anarchist members of the massing group to "create" a situation that leaves authorities no choice but to exert some type of control which would then spin out of control into violent confrontation.

Read about the event at, and report back as to what you believe the intent and outcome will be.

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  1. I would be willing to bet that all the people at the "Day of Rage" will be leftists/anarchists.

  2. I would be betting right along with you!