Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama's postcard greetings from Martha's Vineyard! (political humor)

S&P 500 down over 4% with initial indicators looking like more losses to come today, jobless claims rise, existing home sales swoon, Philly Fed manufacturers survey slumps on top of the New York survey slump last week and consumer prices rise more than forecast!

This may not be the vacation signal for all of the folks back home, but they're not the President of the United States burdened with presidential-type responsibilities!

Can any of us honestly compare what we go through on a daily basis to the President's rough few days on the campaign trail preceded by a grueling fundraising schedule?

President Obama, a man of the people!

President Obama, always a man of the people, understands the angst of the less fortunate Americans, and shares some of his good fortune with us through a series of postcards from beautiful Martha's Vineyard.

The President and the First Family's journey to Martha's Vineyard began with the end of the campaign bus tour, and is ending with some good old fashioned R&R surrounded by the rich and famous in this exclusive resort town on the ocean!

President Obama: "Wish you were here!"

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