Thursday, August 18, 2011

Joe Biden gets on his knees for the Communist Chinese!

Joe Biden goes to Communist China to get down on his knees, kiss their ass and to let them know how grateful the United States is for their largess!

In an attempt to make sure that the Communist Chinese not only keep buying our treasury bonds but refrains from selling the trillions that they already own, VP Joe Biden made a stop to try and reassure that government that their investment is safe.

A stop to reassure Communist China that the US economy is under control and that the US dollar has the potential for some strength and stability.

An incredible turn of events!

What does China see?

The problem is that his job was made that much more difficult by the embarrassment from the vacuum of leadership in the White House coupled with the Washington circus exemplified by the debt ceiling debate.

It was further impacted by a downgrade of our debt by Standard & Poor's and by a US economy that seems more likely to test the bottom put in at the height of the financial crisis a few years ago than it is to begin to rise up.

In any event the need to placate Beijing replaces any US foreign policy agenda that would question the Chinese on any of its repressive domestic policies.

"It's not yet clear how forcefully the vice president or his staff plan to raise the subject of human rights in China during his four-day trip. Biden likely will have to balance any stern words to Chinese officials with assurances that China's $1.1 trillion-plus in U.S. Treasury securities is safe after Standard & Poor's recent downgrade of America's credit rating." (Miami Herald)

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