Friday, August 12, 2011

Is anything still "Made in America"? (Interactive map)

Economic growth, jobs and improving trade deficits? It would help if products were still "Made in America

The headlines from yesterday told you everything that you needed to know about this story saying that the US trade deficit jumped to the highest level in three years.

The question then becomes one of how can the US economy grow, how can jobs be created and why has so much US manufacturing moved overseas?

The answer is that in the current business environment it is going to be extremely difficult if not impossible for that to happen. Even while the US dollar continues to weaken (making US products cheaper for overseas buyers) the trade deficit continues to widen.

This would be the logical time to try and pin the blame on unions who make it extremely difficult for US manufacturers to compete against cheaper, non-union foreign labor.

Or on US corporations whose job it is to maximize income for its owners by shipping the manufacturing out of the US.

Or on the Obama administration whose onerous taxing policies on business make moving offshore the only reasonable alternative.

But I am not going to do that. Instead I am going to present this map of America that provides, by state, the companies who are making the products that are still "Made in America"!

If it is possible, buy from them! Be American, Buy American!

"Made in America"!

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